Skaramagas camp

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Capacity: 3.224 (14. 09.2018)
Residents: 1.918 (UNHCR 14/9/2018)
Main nationalities: 10% Afghanistan, 57% Syrian Arab Republic, 24%Iraq , 3% Islamic Republic of Iran, 6% Other (UNHCR 14/9/2018

Prefabricated Housing Units (containers): 1,918 persons in 403 containers
Tents: 0
Rub-halls: 0
Buildings: 0                                     (UNHCR 14/9/2018)

The camp was opened in April 2016 and built on pier and near the highway. The area is dimly lit and has very few other houses around it.

Frequent fights have been reported between the new residents of the camp that are mainly new arrivals from the islands. Such fights can be linked to the absence of the previous established refugee communities.

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