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11 Apr: Racist Violence Recording Network -2022 Annual Report

Ρατσισμός και στοχοποίηση των υπερασπιστών: Ρωγμές στην ασφάλεια των θυμάτων και το αίσθημα δικαίου

21 Mar: Refugee women in the offside

Greece encampment policy and services takeover lead to isolation and deny protection

16 Mar: The EU-Turkey deal is collapsing 7 years after its signing

As European role model it represents a frontal attack on international refugee protection

16 Feb: The tragic journey of a Syrian refugee, from Greece back to the earthquake-stricken Afrin

A Syrian refugee ,victim of informal forced return from Greece to Turkey, is among the earthquake victims in the city of Afrin

27 Jan: Rule of law backsliding continues in Greece

Joint Civil Society Submission to the European Commission on the 2023 Rule of Law Report January 2023


What remains to be decided are its accompanying measures​

27 Oct: Greece’s criminal policy of unlawful push backs claims another victim

According to all indications the person has been unlawfully pushed back to Turkey.

27 Oct: Refugees without identification documents

The Greek Asylum Service must urgently resolve technical problems

26 Oct: Refugee residence permit renewal applications pending for over a year at the Greek Asylum Service

Refugees receiving protection in Greece and those returned thereto from other European countries continue to face prolonged delays in the renewal of their residence permits.

06 Oct: Deported to destitution

Refugee women remain undocumented four months after return from Sweden to Greece

05 Oct: Stop immediately the pushbacks that endanger human lives and discredit the country internationally

The way in which the Ministry of Migration handled last month’s case concerning the Syrian people who were left stranded for days in Evros, while sparking a general public outcry, cannot but cause concern and call for reflection.

14 Sep: Joint Statement: NGOs call on Member States: Agreeing on the Instrumentalisation Regulation will be the Final Blow to a COMMON European Asylum System (CEAS) in Europe

The undersigned NGOs strongly oppose the introduction and use of the concept of instrumentalisation and its codification in EU law;

11 Jul: Key points from the Press Conference regarding Farmakonisi Shipwreck

Athens, 11/7/2022 Moderation: Dimitris Angelidis, Journalist Giorgos Tsarbopoulos, former Greece Representative, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees I want to…

07 Jul: Justice for the shipwrecked in Farmakonisi – Invitation to Press Conference​

Today’s judgment from the ECtHR comes eight years following the tragic incident. It vindicates the victims by awarding compensation from the Greek State and brings to light an issue systematically concealed in public discourse: push backs and systematic deterrence practices which put lives at risk on a daily basis in Evros and the Aegean.

03 Jun: One more acquittal shows the dramatic consequences of the criminalisation of refugees entering in EU territory


27 May: Refugee Support Aegean (RSA) completes registration on the NGO Registry 

Refugee Support Aegean (RSA) completes registration on the NGO Registry  The Special Secretariat for Stakeholder Coordination at the Ministry of…

07 Apr: National Transparency Authority should publish the full investigation regarding pushbacks in accordance with the principle of transparency 

National Transparency Authority should publish the full investigation regarding pushbacks in accordance with the principle of transparency Download the Press…

04 Mar: Recognised refugee returned to Greece, destitute, forgotten and undocumented

Farhad*, a 31-year-old recognised refugee, was returned from Germany to Greece at the beginning of July 2021 after spending more than five years in Germany waiting for his asylum claim to be processed.

01 Mar: Greece arbitrarily deems Turkey a “safe third country” in flagrant violation of rights

Refugee Support Aegean (RSA) and PRO ASYL call upon the European Commission to immediately launch infringement proceedings against Greece regarding systemic violations of international and EU law, stemming from the arbitrary rejection of asylum applications based on the “safe third country” concept and from the prevention of refugees’ access to asylum procedures.

24 Feb: Deaths at the borders. Urgent need to use appropriate protocols in refugee and migrant shipwrecks

Almost two months after the deadly shipwrecks in Paros, Folegandros and Antikythera, the bodies of missing refugees and migrants are still found scattered all over the Aegean. The survivors – relatives and companions of these people who were anxiously searching for clues about their fate, instead of receiving the necessary psychosocial care under decent accommodation conditions, were taken to the Pre-removal Detention Centre (PROKEKA) in Amygdaleza where they remained in administrative detention for more than a month. The recent shipwrecks have once again highlighted the huge shortcomings in the information, support and care of survivors, in the coordination for the management of shipwreck victims such as the protocol for the search and identification of the missing and dead respectively and the referral to an appropriate accommodation facility.

28 Jan: Massive protests by islanders are challenging the government’s narrative on new prison structures in the Aegean

Two years after the violent crackdown on citizens in Chios and Lesvos who oppose the transformation of the islands into prisons for refugees and migrants, dissatisfaction with the refugee response is growing.

28 Jan: Michalis Psimitis: “The anti-immigration policy makes the islands an arena of conflicts and tensions”

Michalis Psimitis, Professor of Sociology at the University of the Aegean and Coordinator of the Anti-Racist Observatory of the University of the Aegean, explains the goals served by the escalation of control and surveillance regimes for refugees

20 Dec: Greek NGO Registry and its implementation incompatible with international and EU law, according to ECRE expert opinion

An expert opinion by the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) released today finds the Greek legal framework on the registration of NGOs working with refugees and migrants (Joint Ministerial Decision 10616/2020) “in clear violation” of standards of international law, EU law and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

13 Dec: Ombudsman calls for re-examination of rejection of RSA’s registration on the NGO Registry

The Ombudsman calls the administration to re-examine the rejection of registration on the ground that it contravenes the “acquis of international, EU and national law”.

08 Dec: Joint statement by 19 organisations active on refugee issues in Greece

The undersigned non-governmental organisations were surprised to be informed that the Ministry of Migration and Asylum denied the registration of non-profit civil society organisation “Refugee Support Aegean” (RSA) on its NGO Registry, despite a positive opinion from competent services. We are particularly concerned by the substantive ground for such rejection, citing that the “development of activity” “in support of persons under deportation” is contrary to Greek legislation.

18 Nov: The right to asylum in the context of “instrumentalisation” – Lessons from Greece

Greece’s decision to suspend access to its asylum process in March 2020 as a response to pressure from Turkey set…

21 Oct: Dublin returns to Greece

Dublin returnees without effective access to asylum procedures and accommodation in Greece, now under risk of readmission to Turkey

19 Oct: The timeline of a pushback of a Syrian refugee in Evros, as documented by RSA

Greek authorities unlawfully pushed a group including Syrian refugee back to Turkey through the Evros land border, while a procedure for interim measures was pending before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

13 Oct: No room for complacency towards racist violence one year after the conviction of Golden Dawn

One year after the historic conviction of Golden Dawn, the Racist Violence Recording Network calls to mind the importance of the judicial decision that sent a clear message against the criminal organization and organized racist violence. In parallel, the Network warns that there is no room for complacency, as the modus operandi of organized violence continues to severely affect social cohesion.

08 Oct: Decision declaring Turkey a “safe third country” brought before Greek Council of State

Greek Council for Refugees (GCR) and Refugee Support Aegean (RSA) filed judicial review applications before the Greek Council of State for the annulment of the Joint Ministerial Decision of the Minister of Migration and Asylum and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of 7 June 2021. The Decision designated Turkey as a safe third country for nationals of Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

23 Aug: Practical and immediate solidarity with the Afghan refugees!

While the Greek government is sending contradictory messages about dealing with the humanitarian crisis caused by the return of the Taliban to power, thousands of Afghan refugees living in Greece are anxious for the fate of their relatives and themselves, as based on the Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD) issued in June they may be returned to Turkey as a safe third country with a risk of onward deportation to Afghanistan.

28 Jul: The first round of computer collection for refugee children is completed – We have collected 15 devices

WE ARE DEEPLY THANKFUL – Update on the collection of computers for refugee children

17 Jun: Europe turns Greece into a laboratory of anti-refugee policies

PRO ASYL and Refugee Support Aegean (RSA) warn that the right to asylum and the 1951 Refuge Convention are being largely suspended in Greece – with the active support of the European Union.

16 Jun: Asylum seekers in Greece lodge complaint on infringement of Asylum Directives

Three asylum seekers represented by Refugee Support Aegean (RSA) have lodged complaints with the European Commission relating to infringement of EU law stemming from Greece’s failure to correctly transpose and implement the Asylum Procedures Directive (2013/32/EU) and the Reception Conditions Directive (2013/33/EU).

15 Jun: The EASO Report on Turkey

RSA publishes the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) “Turkey: Content of Protection – Country Information Pack”, last updated in August 2019.

14 Jun: Greece deems Turkey “safe”, but refugees are not: The substantive examination of asylum applications is the only safe solution for refugees

our organisations stress that “externalization simply shifts asylum responsibilities elsewhere and evades international obligations”. We once again call on the Greek and European authorities to honour their responsibility to protect refugees and to avoid further undermining the European asylum acquis and the fundamental principles and values for protecting human rights. To this end, we call on Greece to revoke the JMD issued on 7 June.

26 May: Registry of NGOs working with refugees and migrants in Greece under scrutiny

Risks of repression of civil society organisations supporting refugees and migrants in Greece have been heavily exacerbated by successive legislative reforms in 2020, introducing disproportionate and ambiguous requirements for registration on two Registries managed by the Ministry of Migration and Asylum.

14 May: Donate your old laptop to a child refugee

We are collecting old laptops, of the past 8 years, and to distribute them to refugee children, thus enabling them to attend educational classes remotely

28 Apr: Greek civil society requests European Commission assessment on respect of EU asylum law safeguards at the Greek borders

Download the Letter In a letter sent on 27 April 2021 to the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson,…

24 Apr: Another dignified reception facility shut down

Another dignified reception facility shut down Another dignified reception facility shut down Photo: Elias Marcou The refugee reception facility run…

13 Apr: Executive summary: Excluded and Segregated. The vanishing education of refugee children in Greece

In a report titled “Excluded and Segregated. The vanishing education of refugee children in Greece”, Refugee Support Aegean (RSA) tracks…

30 Mar: Joint Action against push-backs signed by 49 NGO’s

Over the last years, the undersigned organisations have been receiving allegations of push-backs at the country’s land and sea borders….

18 Mar: Summary of the event: “Through the eyes of those who experienced it”.(VIDEO)

Refugees and islanders talked about the effects of the deal on their lives and on local communities. The event was coordinated by journalist Fotini Lampridi.

18 Mar: Repercussions for the children of the “Deal” | EU-Turkey “deal”: 5 Years of Shame

Four experts present the impact of confinement on the mental health, rights and life of the “children of the deal”.

18 Mar: Stories of refugees | EU-Turkey “deal”: Five years of Shame

Three illustrative stories of refugees who experienced the tragic consequences of the implementation of the “deal” at any cost remind us that human rights are trampled every day in the Reception and Identification Centres of the Aegean islands.

21 Aug: The Greek asylum appeal procedure in the first half of 2020

Statistics provided by the Appeals Authority to Refugee Support Aegean (RSA)[1] give rise to important observations on the examination of…

21 Jan: Open letter to Mr Notis Mitarakis Minister of Migration and Asylum

Athens, 21 January 2020 Dear Minister, With this letter, the below signatory humanitarian, human rights and protection organizations would like…

24 Nov: Rejection of 28 asylum seekers from African countries due to the lack of interpreters

Legal aid organizations express concerns regarding the unprecedented administrative practice of the Regional Asylum Office of Lesvos, which goes against…

05 Aug: Joint statement: Safeguard the rights of refugees in Turkey!

We, the undersigned organizations working in the area of human rights, express our gravest concerns regarding the recent arrests in…


Athens, May 2, 2019 The borders of Greece at Evros tend to become an area outside the law, a place…


Manifesto for the 2019 European elections by 5 organisations from France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain

06 Dec: Greece, EU: Move Asylum Seekers to Safety. End Containment Policy, Organize Transfers Now

(Athens, December 6, 2018) – The Greek government and its European Union partners should urgently ensure that all asylum seekers…

22 Nov: Surviving in Moria

The situation in the Aegean hotspots remains very critical despite persistent calls from NGOs and international organizations to end the…

05 Nov: The implementation of the EU-Turkey Statement is an insult for the human life and dignity

Athens 24 October 2018 With regard to the intensification of the problems in the islands of Eastern Aegean, both concerning…

01 Nov: The Administrative Arrangement between Greece and Germany

The Administrative Arrangement between Ministry of migration Policy of the Hellenic Republic and the Federal Ministry of Interior of the…


On 9 August, the Aegean became once more a graveyard for seven refugee children after a boat carrying around 13…


On 29 June, the Regional Governor of North Aegean announced a decision ordering the closure of PIKPA camp – a…


PRO-ASYL and Refugee Support Aegean wish to express once more their profound concerns over the loss of sixteen lives following the capsizing of…

21 Jun: EU refugee and migration policy shifts towards the implementation of a reactionary far right agenda

In the absence of a real refugee and migration crisis on the external borders of Europe this year, arrivals down…


In Decision No. 912/2018, Greece’s Supreme Court 6th Section ruled in favour of the extradition of Turgut Kaya, a political…

18 May: Violence in Patras Port

Violence in Patras Port: Ill-treatment of refugees as deterrent to migration Refugee Support Aegean (RSA) fact-finding mission (27 to 28…

11 May: The Mitilini Declaration

Between 10-11 May 2018, the Last Rights Project held an historic meeting on Lesvos island, to discuss and agree a new declaration of rights for all…


A Lesbos court yesterday acquitted three volunteer lifeguards of Spanish NGO PROEM-AID and two volunteer lifeguards from the NGO Team…

20 Feb: Germany wilfully ignores Afghanistan not being a safe country

Despite the large number of civilian casualties in conflict ravaged Afghanistan, Germany and other European countries continue forcibly returning Afghan…

19 Feb: ESCAPE AGAIN: Afghan refugees deported from Germany are forced to flee a second time to save their lives

Afghan refugees deported from Germany are forced to flee again. Refugee Support Aegean (RSA) researchers met with four of the…

16 Feb: Majority of refugee children in the Aegean Islands Hot Spots are excluded from education

Despite the Government announcements that it will ensure access to education for all refugee children living in Greece, the majority…


By the Legal Aid Actors Task Force, January 2018 The following observations are drawn from the experience of 14 organisations assisting…

19 Dec: Greece Refugee Policy State of Play: Reality Dictates Policy, Authorities Prepare again to crack down on Rule of Law

At the end of October the Ministry of Migration Policy has decided to decongest 2000 people from overcrowded hot-spots in…

07 Dec: Refugee mothers without enough milk and diapers

Photo copyright: Salinia Stroux Dramatic shortages in both mainland and Greek islands force organizations and solidarity groups to search for…

07 Nov: Fighting to reach loved ones: One week of refugees’ hunger strike in Athens over delays in reunifying with their families

“We want to put our heads on our pillows at night and sleep in peace all together.”  Foaz M, 40…

17 Oct: PRO ASYL/RSA: Last Exit Strasbourg – After the verdict of the highest administrative Greek court the legal dispute continues

The highest administrate Greek court, the Council of State confirmed in a judgment published on 22 September, the decisions of…

04 Oct: Vulnerable protection seekers who arrived in Crete end up detained in Kos

Despite facilities in Kos have already reached maximum capacity due to increased arrivals from Turkey, the few last weeks authorities…

04 Oct: Winter threat looms over the forgotten refugees in Derveni camp

Despite repeated promises by the Migration Policy Minister, Giannis Mouzalas, Derveni (Alexil) camp has not been closed in spring 2017[i]….

24 Sep: Greek court opens door for forcible returns of asylum seekers back to Turkey

The Council of State, the Supreme Administrative Court of Greece, has on Friday decided against the appeals of two Syrians…

30 Aug: Scandalous silence about the violation of human rights in Turkey

Day by day the situation regarding serious human rights violations in Turkey is deteriorating, while the crisis in the relations…

29 Aug: Greek court rejects Turkey’s extradition request based on Interpol warrant

On August 23rd the Northern Aegean Appeal Council examined and rejected Turkey’s extradition request against A.M Turkish/British citizen. RSA lawyers…

19 Aug: Political games on the backs of refugees

Hundreds of refugees that entered EU through Greece and reached other EU countries  after 15th of March are in danger…

20 Jul: Voices of the refugees stuck in “Moria” hotspot

Violence and tensions currently tend to become routine at the Reception and Identification Center (RIC) – the so-called hotspot in…

18 Jul: Urgent need for a real solution for unaccompanied minor refugees in Greece

The issue of the identification, protection and support of unaccompanied minors in Greece remains of major importance, following the recent…

17 Jul: Serious gaps in the care of refugees in Greek hotspots; Vulnerability assessment system is breaking down

Following the departure of Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), medical and social services have seriously been minimised in the Registration and Identification…

11 Jul: Code of Conduct for INGOs Involved in SAR Operations in the Mediterranean

Statewatch has leaked a version of the code of contact the European Commission has demanded that INGOs involved in SAR…

20 Jun: Syrian acquitted for deaths of refugees in Farmakonisi case

The Felony Appeal Court of Dodecanese in Rhodes decided yesterday that the young Syrian – sentenced initially to 25 years…

15 Jun: Solidarity statement to Taner Kiliç

It has been 10 days since Turkish lawyer Taner Kiliç, President of Amnesty International Turkey, and well-known human rights defender,…

30 May: The European Court of Human Rights communicated the case of B.J. (v. Greece) and has addressed the Greek government with specific questions

A Syrian refugee, a Christian of Armenian origin, who lived for about a year in Turkey under the precarious ‘temporary…

25 May: Reports published by PRO ASYL for Greece

PRO ASYL has been co-operating with human rights lawyers and researchers in Greece since 2007 for strategic litigations and the documentation…

21 Apr: PRO ASYL and RSA demand the immediate release of Italian journalist Gabriele Del Grande

Gabriele Del Grande in 2010, when he received the Human Rights Price of Stiftung PRO ASYL. Photo: Gustavo Alabiso Del…

13 Apr: Greece: Back to Detention

On March 30th a new pre-removal detention center was opened on Kos Island. Similar detention centers are planned on other…

10 Mar: The highest court of Greece will decide on the EU-Turkey Deal

“A crucial day for refugee protection in Europe” Athens/Chios/Frankfurt: Today the highest Greek Court will hold a hearing to examine whether…