Refugee Support Aegean” is a registered in Greece non-profit civil-law partnership established on February 2017. “Refugee Support Aegean” members and partners have a lengthy experience in identifying and pursuing significant legal cases of asylum seekers on national and European level.

The partnership’s aim is non-profit and consists mainly in the following:

  • Developing activities for the benefit of those subjected to discrimination and persecution on political or religious grounds, or other forms of discrimination, for the benefit of refugees and deportees, as well as other persons in need of international protection according to national, international and European Union’s law. In this context, the partnership also develops activities about other categories of people coming from third countries, focusing on vulnerable groups such as unaccompanied minors and victims of trafficking.
  • Providing legal, social, psychological and humanitarian aid especially to refugees, asylum seekers, those in need of international protection and other vulnerable categories of foreigners, as well to victims of human rights violations; promoting and defending the “principle of no discrimination”, the prohibition of torture and other forms of ill-treatment, the right to a fair procedure of international protection and administration of justice, the right to asylum, the principle of non-refoulement, social rights as well as human rights and freedoms in general.
  • Providing humanitarian support to those subjected to discrimination and persecution on political, racial or religious grounds, refugees and deportees as well as other persons in need of international protection according to national, international and European Union’s law, and who need help because of their physical, mental or psychological condition or for social reasons.
  • Developing actions aiming to inform, raise awareness among the population in order to combat racism and xenophobia and about non-violence.
  • Strengthening active participation in public affairs in favour of charitable purposes and public benefit

To this effect the partnership may proceed to all due actions and perform the following activities (means to pursuit its aims):

  • Cooperate with other credible actors, by way of illustration: public, private and broader public sector, NGOs, international organizations, university networks, local authorities of first and second degree, regional authorities and ministries at national or international level, in order to achieve its aims, support social and political rights and develop social solidarity actions.
  • Hire staff and cooperate with third persons to carry out a specific project.
  • Assist the persons served by providing legal, counselling and other services, free of charge. Undertake initiatives and implement activities aiming to their smooth integration into the Greek society.
  • Recur to Justice for issues concerning in general its aims and the persons served.
  • Undertake initiatives to raise public awareness, also in local communities related to the aims of the partnership.
  • Undertake initiatives to conduct studies, to prepare reports and to conduct research, educative and scientific programmes promoting human rights and empowering civil society.
  • Publish books or other printed material with subject related to the above mentioned aims of the partnership.
  • Operate a website to promote partnership’s activities.
  • Organize educational/educative programmes, seminars, conferences, symposia, one-day conferences, lectures, and any kind of relevant activities aiming to support the aims of the partnership.
  • Act on exchanging and transmitting information, experience and know-how concerning its aims.
  • Provide services of support aiming to combat social exclusion.