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Life in “Moria” as a symbol of the failure of the “deal” over the past five years is documented through a photo exhibition by Giorgos Moutafis.

The vicious “circle of signatures” and painful survival in the Reception and Identification Centres and refugee camps is imprinted through the lens of refugee Ahmed Ebrahimi.

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RSA is a non-profit organization focusing on strategic litigations in support of refugees, monitoring human rights violations.

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RSA lawyers have a lengthy experience in identifying and pursuing significant legal cases on national and European level.


The EU-Turkey ‘Deal’ is advertised as a ‘success’ story in migration control, but for protection seekers it is just a new model systematic repression and suffering.

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rsa cover en Practical and immediate solidarity with the Afghan refugees
23 Aug: Practical and immediate solidarity with the Afghan refugees!

While the Greek government is sending contradictory messages about dealing with the humanitarian crisis caused by the return of the Taliban to power, thousands of Afghan refugees living in Greece are anxious for the fate of their relatives and themselves, as based on the Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD) issued in June they may be returned to Turkey as a safe third country with a risk of onward deportation to Afghanistan.