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Privacy Policy

1. Identity

The website (hereafter referred to as the “website”) was created and is operated by  “Support for Refugees in the Aegean Non-Profit Private Organization” with the distinctive title “RSA – Refugee Support Aegean” (hereafter referred to as “RSA”), which is based in Chios, 7 Efstratiou Argenti Str., P.C. 82100, VAT no. 997220289 – Chios Tax Office, e-mail [email protected], telephone +30 22711 03721 and fax: +30 22711 00466. RSA is designated as the Processing Officer of data collected through its website. In cases where you are redirected to third-party websites for specific services and capabilities (transactions, social media), you are advised you to review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of these third-party websites that will process your personal data independently.

2. Terms of Use

The Terms of Use hereof combined with the subsequent Privacy – Data Protection Statement have been developed by RSA to ensure safe browsing and service to you as visitors of the website. When you enter our website as a simple user or in order to contact us through the online contact form or  make a donation to our cause, you are deemed to be in full consent and acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, without any exception. If you do not agree with the terms hereof, then we kindly ask you to not proceed with browsing and using the website and with any further transaction.

RSA reserves the right to amend or revise the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at its discretion, whenever deemed necessary. We commit to notifying you through this website of any revision.


RSA is committed to the accuracy, truth and completeness of the data provided on this website regarding the Organization’s identity and the capabilities and services provided through the website. RSA, acting in good faith, is not responsible for and is not bound by electronic data entries commonly made by error / omission and is entitled to correct them whenever informed of their existence.

Intellectual Property 

All content on the website, including distinctive titles, trademarks, images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, etc. are the intellectual property of RSA and protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law, European legislation and international conventions or are the intellectual property of third parties for which RSA has received license. Any duplication, transfer or creation of derivative work which is based on this content or is misleading the public about the true provider of the website is prohibited. Reproduction, re-publishing, uploading, communication, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the content in any manner or medium for commercial or other purposes is permitted only upon prior written consent of RSA or any other copyright holder.

User Liability

The user agrees and commits to using the information, data and transaction capabilities through the website for the purposes of making a lawful donation, in good faith and according to business ethics. Specifically, the user shall refrain from: (a) sending or transmitting by other means any content that is unlawful, offensive or damaging to RSA or any third party or affects the data confidentiality or privacy of any person; (b) sending or transmitting by other means any content that is offensive to morality, social values, childhood etc.; (c) sending or transmitting by other means any content that the user has no right to transmit in accordance with the law; (d) sending or transmitting by other means any material that contains viruses or any type of computer code, files or programs designed to damage software or other computer hardware; (e) harassing third parties in any way; (f) collecting or storing other users’ data.


The links that you may find on the RSA website may sometimes redirect the user to third-party websites. These associated websites are not under RSA’s control and we shall be not held liable for any content that may be included on such websites. RSA cites these links on its website only to facilitate its use or to provide additional information to users. The use of the associated websites is not mandatory; in case you are not sure about the security of these websites we advise you to not visit or to not continue visiting them.


3. Privacy Policy – Data Protection

General Terms

Protecting the personal data of anyone using this website is of great importance to RSA. We have taken all necessary steps to protect your personal data and to process it only to the extent necessary for servicing you. This Privacy and Data Protection Policy fully complies with the existing national and European legislation and in particular with European Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation, hereafter “GDPR”).

The Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of the website describe the method by which we collect and process personal data, which is absolutely necessary for your browsing, as well as the way we ensure a high level of protection for you. The following passages inform you of all your rights regarding the collection and processing of your personal data and the ways you can make use of these rights.


The information and data you are voluntarily sharing with us is used by RSA for your prompt and effective communication with us, the provision of answers to your queries and requests of us and the acceptance of your donations should you choose to support our work. The data we collect through the website, with your consent, are designated to measure the website’s traffic and make it easier to use.


Gathering and Processing your Data

Our site is designed so that users can visit it without having to reveal their identity unless they wish to do so. We ask of our users to provide us with their personal information especially if they want to make a donation to support our work; and / or subscribe to our newsletter list; and / or send queries and requests through the website’s email or the available electronic communication form.

The kind of data we collect is the following and relate to the also mentioned processing purposes: (a) data provided by the user during a donation process; (b) data provided by the user through the electronic communication form or our e-mail address; (c) data that the user provides in order to receive newsletters on a regular basis.

When filling out any form on our website, you will be asked for your full name and e-mail address. If you wish to make a donation to our cause, we will also store the amount you wish to donate and your IP, for transaction identification and security purposes. In the case of an online donation, after completing the above fields and clicking on the “Donate” button at the bottom of the online form, you will automatically be redirected to PayPal through which the donation will be paid. PayPal will ask you to provide further information and will separately ask for your consent for the use of its services. We advise you to carefully read PayPal’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before giving your consent and proceeding with any transaction. RSA shall bear no liability for any processing of your data after being redirected to the PayPal website. If you choose to make an offline donation by depositing the amount you wish in a bank account, we will use the information you provide us with in order to confirm your deposit.

We make use of the data you provide to us during the electronic submission of the form in order to: (1) accept the amount of your donation; (2) confirm and identify the users whenever needed; (3) inform you of our activities if you wish to be informed and if you have specifically given us your consent; (4) answer the queries and requests you submit to us.

Providing us with your personal data means that you consent to such data being used by RSA solely for the reasons outlined above. You may withdraw your consent at any time by e-mail directly to [email protected]; or by contacting us at +30 22711 03721; or by using the “unsubscribe” feature provided in our online forms.


In which cases we have a lawful reason to process your personal data

Based on the requirements of GDPR, we commit to processing your personal data only if there is a corresponding lawful reason, refraining from any further unnecessary or unlawful processing. In particular, we process your personal data only in the following cases: (a) when you have given us your free, specific, explicit, fully informed and active consent for each specific processing purposes (for example, sending a newsletter); (b) when it is required to process your personal data under a particular contract. Indicatively, if you choose to make an online donation to our cause, we will need to keep and use your personal data to track the completion of the donation for the amount you have chosen through “PayPal” and to notify you of its receipt etc.; (c) where there is a corresponding legal obligation or reason of public interest (for example, in order to comply with tax legislation); (d) when it is in RSA’s legitimate interest, such as in order to prevent fraud, to ensure the security of the network and the data of the technology we are using etc.

How long we keep your data for

The data you have provided shall be kept by RSA for the time necessary for the completion of your donation; for the duration of our communication following your queries and requests; for as long as you choose to receive our newsletter; or until you withdraw your consent. Your personal data may be kept after completion of your donation or ending of our communication, provided that there is a corresponding legal obligation (for example, compliance with tax legislation) or an important lawful interest.


Where we send your data

Please be advised that for the full protection of your personal data, we have ensured that those who work for our purposes, the maintenance persons and technicians of our website, will provide you with the security level mentioned in the Policy hereof.

Furthermore, we send your personal data to third parties who have been entrusted with processing of personal data on behalf of RSA. In particular, we send only data that is absolutely necessary to external partners who are assigned with sending information material or managing our accounts in social media on our behalf. In all the above-mentioned cases, RSA shall be liable for the processing of your personal data and shall determine the terms of data processing by third parties based on specifically laid out conditions and explicit confidentiality clauses, so that the other data processors may provide you with the same protection level as the Policy hereof.

At the exception of the above, we shall not share your personal data with any other third party without your prior consent unless required by the law (as in the case of a court order). In any case, you may at any time exercise your rights provided by the law, which are described in detail below.


Under the applicable law, you must be at least 16 years of age to use our website. In case you are under 16, you should browse the website with your parents or upon their consent.


On our website we use small identification files, called cookies, which allow us to continuously improve and update your navigation on our website and the information you can get through it.

a) What are cookies and which kind we are using

Cookies are bits of information, which in the form of very small texts, usually consisting of letters and numbers, are stored in the browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, etc.). These help make our website more efficient. Cookies do not in any way cause damage to users’ computers or to files stored on them. Information stored in cookies is used for identification purposes.

In the RSA website we use the following cookies: (1) cookies that allow you to perform basic functions of the site (session and permanent cookies); (2) cookies that “memorize” your preferences while browsing our site (preferences cookies); (3) cookies analytics, which help us collect statistics on the functionality and navigation services of our website.

b) Exclude yourselves from cookies                                                                  

You may set your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) to notify you each time a cookie is about to be downloaded, so that you may decide to download or discard it. In this case, you may not be able to make the most of our website. We choose to use cookies because they allow us to avoid technical problems on our site; to recognize our frequent users and their usual choices, as well as to ensure their unobstructed access to the content they want to visit. To clear cookies and disable their use, select the browser you are using and follow the following steps:


Chrome –

Safari –

Firefox –

Edge –


If you are using a different browser, please see its respective information on this subject.

Plug-in in social media and third party service providers

RSA website uses a Twitter plug-in. Your personal information will not be automatically sent to Twitter by visiting our website; it will be send to Twitter only if you choose so. By clicking on the Twitter box at the bottom of the website, you activate the corresponding plug-in and your data is sent and stored to Twitter. If you decide to do so, we cannot control the data collected by Twitter, the time period for which data is stored and the kind of processing. Since the third party uses cookies, you may limit the processing of data collected from our website by deleting and disabling cookies from your browser before you visit the provider’s website.

Even though the collection and processing of your personal data by third-party providers does not depend on whether you already have an account on that platform, if you are also logged in there, the information will be directly linked to your profile. The third-party provider may store the information they collect as a usage profile and then use it for advertising purposes. If you do not wish to link your profile with the third-party provider, we advise you to sign out before you click on the plug-in. For more information, please refer to the third-party Data Protection and Privacy Policy Statement. You may oppose the creation of a user profile at any time, by contacting the third-party provider and choosing the appropriate privacy and data protection settings available to you.

Data Protection

RSA is commits to keeping the user data collected on its website safe. We have adopted procedures that safeguard the personal data you provide us with electronically or by any other means. These procedures protect your data from any disclosure, unauthorized access, modification, or loss. They also help identify you and safely navigate and use the capabilities of the website.

In the event that, despite the highest level of protection we provide to you, unauthorized persons access your personal data by violating the security measures we have taken, we shall act immediately in order to stop the violation and comply with the GDPR procedure of informing the competent authorities and the website’s users.

Your rights regarding your data

At any time, you may exercise one of the following rights under GDPR: (a) the right to access the information you have provided us with and the right to obtain a copy thereof in order to ascertain the lawfulness of the processing; (b) the right to modify your personal data; (c) the right to delete your personal data or to withdraw your consent, unless you are unable to do so due to a contradicting legal obligation; (d) the right to restrict the processing; (e) the right to object in case you disagree with the purposes of the processing; (f) the right to transfer your personal data and to transfer it to other data processors if this is technically possible.


To exercise any of the above rights, please e-mail us at [email protected]; call us at +30 22711 03721; send us a fax at +30 22711 00466; or use the online form available on the website.

At the same time, you have the right to bring a complaint before the competent Data Protection Authority ( with the following contact details: tel. 210 6475600; fax. 210 6475628; email [email protected].

Accepting our Privacy Policy Procedures

If you use this website, you accept and consent to the Data Protection Policy hereof and the Terms of Use. If you disagree with the above, you should not continue browsing our site.