The Dublin System

Dublin returns to Greece have been halted since early 2011 when the European Court of Human Rights decided in favor of MSS against Belgium and Greece. On December 8th, 2016 the European Commission recommended to reassume Dublin returns to Greece from 15, March 2017 onwards despite  the fact that  conditions for the refugees have not sufficiently improved. Some member states such as Germany, announced that they would commence sending back gradually protection seekers from then on starting with the healthy and not vulnerable ones. Already some time now a new amendment of the Dublin Regulation (Dublin IV) is being discussed. Human rights experts fear that Dublin IV will bring further decrease in human rights and cause more suffering to refugees, amongst others, having a detrimental impact on the rights of those seeking family reunification.

RSA regularly monitors and documents the consequences of the implementation of the policies deriving from the Dublin Regulation in order to highlight how they lead to the exclusion of some of the most vulnerable refugees.