The Dublin System

Following the European Court of Human Rights ruling in M.S.S. v. Belgium and Greece in 2011, transfers of asylum-seekers to Greece under the Dublin Regulation were halted. In December 2016, the European Commission issued a Recommendation for the resumption of Dublin returns to Greece despite the fact that the asylum system was under significant pressure and reception conditions had not sufficiently improved.

While courts in various Member States have ruled against the return of asylum-seekers to Greece, countries such as Germany continue to send numerous requests to the Greek Dublin Unit for transfers.

RSA and PRO ASYL monitor and follow-up cases of returned asylum-seekers. The organisation supports litigation efforts together with other NGOs against such returns providing legal expert opinions following the documentation of individual cases.

RSA and PRO ASYL also provide legal support in family reunification cases and document the systematic rejections of family reunifications take-charge requests especially in Germany and Switzerland and their detrimental impact upon the rights of asylum-seekers.