EU-Turkey Statement

The EU-Turkey Statement (called there of: EU-Turkey Deal) which is being implemented since March 20th, 2016 aimed to deter and eliminate further new refugee arrivals from the Turkish coast to Europe. While the ‘Deal’ is being advertised as a ‘success’ story in migration control, for protection seekers it is just a new model systematic repression and suffering.

Since its very beginning protection seekers suffered from new forms of grave human rights violations that followed these policies. They are at first automatically and systematically detained in the so called hotspots (identification and registration detention centers) and later banned from leaving the islands as they authorities enforce  geographical restriction, a ‘restriction of movement’ that has ever since caught up in limbo thousands under inhuman conditions.

While on EU-territory, refugees, are exposed to various human rights violations and, in particular Syrians, face the risk of being returned back to Turkey without any examination of their grounds of asylum.

RSA is on a regular basis documenting and highlighting the impact caused by the intensive implementation of the EU-Turkey deal to the rule of law as well as to the lives of the people that are subject to the deal.