Elefsina camp

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Capacity: 300 (14. 09.2018)
Residents: 127 (UNHCR 14/9/2018)
Main nationalities: 91% Syrian Arab Republic, 7% Iraq, 1% State of Palestine, 1%Stateless. (UNHCR 14/9/2018

Prefabricated Housing Units (containers): 0
Tents: 0
Rub-halls: 0
Buildings: 127 persons hosted in buildings                                      (UNHCR 14/9/2018)

Former Merchant Marine Academy. The camp is located in a very remote area between the refinery tanks. It first opened in June 2016 and was closed in October 2017. It reopened on 13 April 2018 to address the problems of overcrowding in Lesvos hotspot. The main problems described by residents are the lack of safety especially for women and children; lack of privacy; permanent noise and pollution.

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