Asylum seekers in Greece lodge complaint on infringement of Asylum Directives

Three asylum seekers represented by Refugee Support Aegean (RSA) have lodged complaints with the European Commission relating to infringement of EU law stemming from Greece’s failure to correctly transpose and implement the Asylum Procedures Directive (2013/32/EU) and the Reception Conditions Directive (2013/33/EU).

The International Protection Act (IPA) entering into force in 2020 sought to bring Greek legislation “in line with the requirements set by the EU legislature”. The complainants highlight, however, that several provisions of the two Directives are not or incorrectly transposed into Greek law, including:

  • Asylum Procedures Directive: Articles 10(3)(b), 12(1)(d), 31(6), 38(2), 46(7)
  • Reception Conditions Directive: Articles 7, 8, 25, 26

The European Commission is competent for the enforcement of EU law through infringement proceedings.

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