Push-backs and collective expulsions

Push-back practices lead to violations of core rights of asylum-seekers such as the right to asylum and the right to be protected against refoulement. In the past two years, there has been a significant increase in reports of push-backs of asylum-seekers and migrants to Turkey from the Greek-Turkish land border. There is also alarm over reported collective expulsions of groups of asylum-seekers who arrived on the Greek islands and increasing allegations – accompanied in some cases by audio-visual material – about push-backs of refugee boats by masked men and Greek Coast Guard vessels or aggressive deterrence tactics.

Most recent reports refer to conduct including: Greek Coast Guard vessel manoeuvres in high-speed near refugee boats; confiscation of fuel and/or destruction of engines; pointing of guns at the individuals on board refugee boats; towing of the boats towards Turkey, leaving people adrift on often unseaworthy and overcrowded dinghies and putting their lives at risk. In some cases, the reports received referred to the following conduct: ramming of the refugee boats; firing of shots near the refugee boats or in the air.

RSA together with PRO ASYL continues to monitor and document developments and human rights violations in the land and sea border between Greece and Turkey and represent victims of such violations before national authorities and international human rights bodies.

19 Oct: The timeline of a pushback of a Syrian refugee in Evros, as documented by RSA

Greek authorities unlawfully pushed a group including Syrian refugee back to Turkey through the Evros land border, while a procedure for interim measures was pending before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

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