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Greek Supreme Court rejects extradition of V.K., Turkish asylum seeker of Kurdish origin

The 6th Department of the Supreme Court in Greece decided today to deny the extradition of V.K., a Turkish asylum seeker of Kurdish origin.

The Supreme Court rejected the extradition request from Turkish authorities, thereby providing significant protection for this refugee, who faces political persecution in Turkey.

The Supreme Court accepted V.K.’s appeal and overturned the decision of the Thrace Court of Appeal, which had approved the extradition request submitted by Turkish authorities. V.K. demonstrated before the Supreme Court that he faces political persecution due to his Kurdish origin and his political activities in Turkey. He highlighted the risk of his situation worsening because of his political views, the danger of being subjected to torture and/or inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment, and the risk of not receiving a fair trial in Turkey. Additionally, it became clear that the principle of specificity had been violated, as V.K. is at risk of being prosecuted for offences other than those mentioned in the extradition request.

Marianna Tzeferakou, lawyer at RSA, commented on today’s Supreme Court decision:

“With today’s decision, the Supreme Court provided due protection in accordance with international, constitutional and national human rights law. Thus, it has put an end to the ordeal of a refugee facing the threat of political persecution and treatment contrary to Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights in Turkey.”

Refugee Support Aegean (RSA) represented V.K. both in the extradition courts and the asylum procedure, for which a decision is still pending.

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