We are very thankful for the response so far!  
We have already received the first laptops!  

You can keep bringing old laptops till Friday 11/6

Donate your old laptop to a child refugee

RSA, in collaboration with “Stin Priza” Cooperative are taking initiative to collect old laptops, of the past 8 years, and to distribute them to refugee children, thus enabling them to attend educational classes remotely.

In Greece, refugee children are living in tragic conditions, in Reception & Identification Centers, in containers or apartments, and most of them do not have access to education. In the midst of the pandemic, most children lack the technical means to attend non-formal or formal education classes remotely. In its recent research on education, RSA identified specific cases where children are in need of a computer in order to attend school. To this end, we invite all interested parties to read the following on how they can be of help.

To meet the children’s needs, we would require usable laptops which, upon maintenance or upgrade, could be used for their educational needs. That is, for the camera and microphone to work, the laptop not to be overall severely damaged or have damaged keyboards or broken screens.

Laptops will be collected at « “Stin Priza”».
Address: Nileos 36, Thision, Athina.
Hours: Monday to Friday 10.00 to 18.00
Tel: +30-211-7802500.

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