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Human dignity, and access to food and water, irrespective of legal status, are fundamental human rights. Yet, for nearly a month now, over 300 people residing in Lesvos CCAC on Lesvos have been denied access to food and water by Greek authorities.

Recognised refugees and rejected asylum seekers are denied food and water by Greek Authorities. Yet, Government policy prevents recognised refugees from providing for their own existence, and many asylum seekers’ rejections are based on Greece’s baseless classification of Türkiye as a safe third country.

No exemptions to the denial of food and water have been communicated for people with vulnerabilities, including pregnant or lactating women, people with disabilities and elderly people. This exacerbates vulnerabilities, while depriving people of the lifeline they depended upon.

Refugee Support Aegean (RSA), together with 41 organisations, calls on Greek Authorities and the European Commission to act upon their obligations to ensure human dignity and access to food and water. 

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