“Rise of xenophobic and racist incidents in the past 6 months”: A timeline

The past six months have seen more xenophobic and racist reactions by parts of the local societies against the presence of refugees and the creation of new hotspots on the islands of Lesvos and Samos. These reactions ranged from extreme and violent language used by local politicians and police to self-patrol groups checking houses for the presence of refugees on Lesvos.

A large-scale racist pogrom against Afghan refugees including children protesting for their prolonged stay on Lesvos took place last April and resulted in many of the refugees seeking hospital treatment. Activists trying to protect them were also injured. Criticisms were raised for the stance of police authorities as arrests of alleged perpetrators happened some days later. A monument dedicated to refugees who perished at sea was also destroyed by a far-right group on Lesvos and local journalists were threatened for their positive coverage of refugee issues. Other xenophobic manifestations included local parents’ extensive reactions to refugee children attending classes in Chios schools. Footage showing police officer making a shockingly vulgar verbal attack against an elderly refugee woman in Moria hotspot attracts led to a disciplinary investigation by the Greek Police.

See also RSA’s previous timeline presenting a series of illustrative xenophobic incidents and hate crimes on the North Aegean islands. The timeline covers the first two years after the implementation of the EU-Turkey “deal”.
Xenophobia and racism in the island communities: yet another loss caused by the EU – Turkey “Deal”


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