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Capacity: 574 (14. 09.2018)
Residents: 596 (UNHCR 14/9/2018)
Main nationalities: 73 % Syrian Arab Republic, 13% Afghanistan, 11% Iraq ,3% other. (UNHCR 14/9/2018

Prefabricated Housing Units (containers): 0
Tents: 143 persons in 40 tents
Rub-halls: 0
Buildings: 453 persons                                      (UNHCR 14/9/2018)

A former factory with compartmented rooms. It opened in April 2016. It is located next to the highway and an airport. 
Oinofyta was closed in November 2017 and its residents were transferred to flats or other camps. It was re-opened in 26 March 2018 to house people who had recently arrived in Greece from the land border or the islands. Ever since, it is reportedly running with fewer services and seemingly lower standards to those before its’ closure. Some dozens of tents were erected in the early summer 2018 to host the island transfers. Many Kurdish protection seekers are hosted here.

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