Greek court rejects Turkey’s extradition request based on Interpol warrant

On August 23rd the Northern Aegean Appeal Council examined and rejected Turkey’s extradition request against A.M Turkish/British citizen. RSA lawyers have defended him at court.

A.M. has been recognized as a refugee already since 2005 in the U.K. and has later on received British citizenship.

Turkish authorities have mobilised the Interpol warrant procedure and asked Greece to extradite A.M. based on the same allegation about which he received asylum in Britain on 2005. A.M. was present in Mitilini for a few weeks and was arrested the day of his departure.

The extradition request was based on his conviction by the Turkish Court that characterised A.M.’s political activity in Turkey as ” terrorist”. The Greek Court rejected the extradition request,  as it found that A.M. is persecuted by turkish authorities because of his political ideas.

RSA lawyers underline this case as a characteristic example on how Turkey is lately attempting to manipulate Interpol procedures in order to intimidate political activists and personalities that criticize its government positions on various issues.

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